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“Hey! My name is Umesh and I am the proud founder of Pulse Pixel. After spending years as a freelance marketer, I’ve decided to take things to the next level. Being a passionate video creator myself, I noticed the significant drop in people’s attention spans when reading texts, and the crazy rise of videos online. Combining my passion of both business and videos, I started Pulse Pixel, a company which specialises in animated explainer videos. I’ve always found the power of videos incredible, and I’m really not surprised. I mean think back to your high school days when you were given an English assignment to study a book, we all know you watched the movie instead! Why? Because it’s more engaging.

I spent a while assembling a incredibly gifted team of script-writers, voice-over artists, illustrators and animators to create the ultimate team of super-heroes for your business.” – Umesh Bhatt (Founder)

Our Mission

55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website, therefore you only have 15 seconds to grab your website visitors attention!

Many companies use long paragraphs of texts filled with technical jargon which can discourage potential customers from getting in touch. Ultimately, this means you are losing money since fewer prospects will be confident to buy. We aim to transform those paragraphs of texts you have on your website into a simplified solution, in the form of a short animated explainer video. Our mission is to communicate your complex ideas into a short. fun and engaging animation video.

Increase your


Look, we get it. Your company is unique to you. Your company maybe sells the same product/service as your competitors – but every company has their own story which makes them better than the rest. The trouble is, many companies invest thousands in online marketing to drive traffic onto their websites, only to “try” and pitch their uniqueness with a page full of boring text. But to be brutally honest – most of your website visitors don’t care on initial glance. They have a problem or a need which needs solving, so all they care about is whether you can be that person who solves their problem. Therefore, an animated explainer video enables you to pitch your business, grab your customers’ attention, engage them and more importantly – tell them why you’re so awesome. All within 1-2 minutes.

The secret ingredients we use which makes

our videos so effective

1. Grab your potential customers’ attention

2. Identify and explain the problem(s) your customers are facing

3. Introduce your solution
(aka you!)

4. Showcase how it can benefit their lives (benefits are much more
important than features!)

5. Call to action (telling them how to get in touch with you e.g. call us today!)


We at Pulse Pixel aim to perfect each stage of the process, in order to ensure we create a high quality video that delivers results and properly conveys the message that you’re looking for.

Pitch Your Business With

A Beautiful Explainer Video

You might be wondering: this sounds hard. Don’t worry, leave that to us. The first step is to book a free consultation call with us, where we will discuss the vision of your business, asking you various questions to see what it is which makes your company unique. For each stage of the production process, we only proceed onto the next stage until you’re 100% satisfied. Therefore, we offer UNLIMITED amount of revisions, because we want your video to be as unique as your company!


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